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Thursday, August 18, 2016

TomTom wins big global contract with Volvo

Volvo has selected TomTom as their global supplier of maps, navigation and traffic content for their new infotainment system.

Full details here.

Uber picks their dance partner

Uber has picked their partner for their future. Volvo and Uber have announced a partnership to develop self-driving, autonomous cars which will serve as the next generation of Uber's service - one without cranky, demanding drivers.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nissan & Infiniti using SiriusXM subsidies as a differentiator

Interesting news from Nissan & Infiniti. They appear to be using SiriusXM radio and data services as a differentiator by subsidizing the cost of the services for years.

More here.

Automatic's OBD-II telematics solution moves to the cloud

Aftermarket telematics company Automatic has released their latest product, the Automatic Pro. This aftermarket device plugs into your car's standard diagnostics port (OBD-II) to connect your car to the digital integration world. Uses include reading car diagnostic codes, analyzing driving behavior, providing emergency services and opening your car up to select 3rd party capabilities through the use of compatible apps.

The new Automatic Pro has an integral 3G data connection for direct communication to the cloud. The previous generation of the product required a bluetooth connection to a smartphone. Automatic has priced the Automatic Pro in a way that does not require service fees or a separate 3G data plan.

More information available here.

Ford continues its buying and investing binge

The news from the Ford Smart Mobility press event that Ford made a substantial investment in Velodyne was widely reported. It turns out, that was only part of the story. It was also announced that Ford has acquired SAIPS, an Israeli company that specializes in machine learning to beef up Ford's expertise in self-driving machine learning and computer vision technology.

Ford has also has a new exclusive licensing agreement with Nirenberg Neuroscience, a machine vision company that has developed a machine vision platform for performing navigation, object recognition, facial recognition and other functions. Ford can use this technology to bring humanlike intelligence to their autonomous cars.

Finally, an investment in Civil Maps will benefit Ford in the area of 3D high resolution mapping.

Read Ford's press release here.